Once Upon a Prince: my secret project revealed!

I am so excited to be able to finally share my secret project with you today. So, without further ado, here is the temporary cover of my upcoming novel, The Silver Prince:


A soldier who conjures shadows.
A princess cursed to dance.
A mystery none can solve.

The people of the Silver Isle are brutes. Savages who live in darkness for half the year. They are not to be trusted, or so Princess Isadora has been raised to believe. As Crown Princess of the Golden Isle, she is the shining light of her kingdom. But Issy is hiding a dark curse that cannot be broken. And all who attempt it end up dead…

Anders is a son of the Silver Isle, a soldier afflicted with shadow magic. This alone carries a death sentence when he steps off a ship into the port capital of the Golden Isle and finds himself in the dungeons beneath the Gilded Palace.

Now his life hangs in the balance. Can he solve the mystery of the curse and earn his freedom? Or is he doomed either way?

In the glittering, royal city of Orovía, danger doesn’t lurk in the shadows, it hides in the light. Can a Golden Princess and a Silver Prince work together to uncover the truth before it’s too late? And will their fragile alliance be enough to unite their rival kingdoms?

The Silver Prince, a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling, is part of Once Upon a Prince, a multi-author series of clean fairy tale retellings. Each standalone story features a swoony prince fighting for his happily ever after.

Once Upon a Prince Series

The Silver Prince is one of twelve fairytale retellings in the upcoming Once Upon a Prince series, which features classic fairy tales told from the point of view of the handsome prince. If you’ve always wondered what the prince was doing while Cinderella and Aurora were dealing with evil stepmothers and magical curses, then you’ll love this series of clean, romantic fantasy, fairytale retellings.

Preorders are open now, and we’ll be revealing our covers in June, so keep an eye out!



My weekend writing retreat

Hi friends! I’ve just come home from a 3-night stay in a cosy, secluded cottage with two of my closest author friends, and it was so good for the soul.

We arrived on Friday evening to the beautiful little converted barn, The Cider House, to scented candles filling the house with a gorgeous scent, and a basket of welcome goodies from the lovely hostess.

After we’d settled in, we had dinner and caught up on each other’s lives. Then we wrote, talked about our works-in-progress and our plans for our author careers. It was a perfect evening with two of my favourite humans!

On Saturday, Rhianne and I got up at 6am to write and let Alice have a lie in (we’re all mums to young kids, so sleep is a precious commodity!). We’ve all got word count goals and deadlines to hit, so we sprinted throughout the day, between lots of bouncing ideas around and helping each other fill in plot holes, and find that one perfect word that’s right on the tip of your tongue but keeps eluding you.

We took a long walk through the surrounding countryside after lunch (a lot of snacks were consumed over the course of the weekend!), and Saturday evening was spent in ballgowns and crowns filming TikTok videos!

Here’s one of mine: https://www.tiktok.com/@lyndseyhall_/video/7225210653278080282?lang=en

On Sunday, we had a slightly more chilled day. I slept in until 8.30am and wrote for a while, but by the afternoon we were all ready for a break, so we decided to do a photo shoot and get some new author headshots and content for our socials.

Then we played a few games of Cluedo (there were loads of board games and books provided in the cottage) and had dinner, and then Alice went for a bath, using the lovely aromatherapy oils the hostess had provided, while me and Rhianne chatted and watched a movie.

I wrote for a while after the others had gone to bed to try and hit my word goal for the day. Then on Monday morning we packed up, tidied the cottage and said our goodbyes, before heading home!

It was the perfect mini writing retreat, we all wrote so many words and got over some bumps in our WIPs with each others help. And I think we all left feeling refreshed and reinvigorated for our writing and publishing careers. Or, I did, at least!

If you’re a writer and you’ve got author friends within a few hours drive, I can’t recommend a DIY writing retreat highly enough. Sometimes, being surrounded by other creatives with the same struggles and dreams as you can be exactly what you need to remind yourself you’re not alone on this path. We’re all in it together.



Fairytale Retellings: Twelve Dancing Princesses

Hello lovely readers, how’s the most romantic month of the year going for you? If you’re looking for a sweet, romantic fantasy book to keep you company on these cold winter nights, then look no further.

If you’re a fan of fairytale retellings then you might already have a favourite version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses tale, but there may be one or two on this list that you haven’t come across before. Some are loyal to the original, with just a little added embellishment, and others are combined with another fairytale or take us on a whole new adventure inspired by the traditional version.

Here we go, as always, click on the covers for more details and to buy the books…

A Dance of Silver and Shadow by Melanie Cellier

I just finished listening to the audio book of A Dance of Silver and Shadow by Melanie Cellier, and I loved the swoony, slowburn romance and how the author hinted at wider worldbuilding (it fits into a larger series of retellings but can absolutely be read as standalone, like I did). This one reads like a classic fairytale, but I really enjoyed the nods to The Selection and even The Hunger Games, the contest/tournament theme gives this book some great tension and I was rooting for the main character, Lily, but loved all the twists and turns that lead to the final resolution. It’s a little different to the original, but the overall feel and atmosphere was 100% fairytale, so check this one out if you like the classics but also love to be surprised by the ending!

Pirouette by Kenley Davidson

This is actually my next audio book and I’m really excited to start it, the blurb sounds fantastic – I mean, forbidden magic? A devilishly charming foreigner? Ill-matched companions? If that doesn’t sound like a fun fantasy romp then I don’t know what does! I’ll share a review when I’m finished, but I’ve heard from friends that this is their favourite iteration of the fairytale and they’ve read it several times, so I’m expecting to love every second of it!

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

I really enjoyed this Gothic, ghost story version of Twelve Dancing Princesses, the creepy horror vibes were right up my street. This is probably the most unique adaptation of the original tale I’ve come across, and I liked how unusual and creative it was. There were gods and goddesses, tricksters, a religion deeply entrenched in the ocean (hence the salt in the title), little girls who can see ghosts, a strange madness, and so many twists your mind will be a pretzel by the time you finish reading. If you like really unique takes on classic fairytales, with incredible world building, and you don’t mind a bit of horror (which, if you’re a fan of the original Brothers Grimm versions, you won’t), then this one is definitely for you.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses by K.M. Shea

I have the first few books in this series, but as this one is book ten I haven’t quite reached it yet! It does say it can be read as a standalone, so I might skip ahead to it, as the blurb sounds absolutely incredible. Instead of a princess, the female main character is the soldier, and she teams up with the King of the Elves to break the curse that forces his people to dance every night. It’s full of banter and magic and ELVES, so it gets a big yes from me.

Silent Melody by Alice Ivinya

Silent Melody is actually a Pied Piper of Hamlin retelling, but it’s mashed up with the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and it’s one of my favourite books by Ivinya so I wanted to include it in case any of you are fans of mash ups. Adelaide is profoundly deaf, so the Piper’s music has no effect on her, but she follows him into the mountains and discovers a magical realm with a castle where princesses are enchanted to dance every night. It’s a beautiful tale with a sweet, enemies to lovers romance, and is another great version of this story!

Dance of Wishes by K.A. Last

This one is short but sweet, at just 59 pages, but it’s another great take on the original. A mage is brought in by Princess Adelina’s father, the King, to enchant her so that she might find a suitor. Plus, there’s a surprise twist that keeps things fresh!

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

This might be my favourite version that I’ve read so far, it’s fairly traditional but with so much added depth. It begins in the soldier, Galen’s POV, which I loved, and we discovered the truth about the curse/enchantment along with him. The whole concept of the fae king villain was really interesting and well-thought out, and I liked the way magic and religion were at odds and how that played out. The world building was great, the twists and climax were exciting, and I just really enjoyed this one.

Kingdom of Dance by Deborah Grace White

This one is on my TBR after Pirouette, so I’m hoping to get to it next month if not sooner. It’s another one that’s part of a larger series, but can all be read as standalones, and this one has – wait for it – DRAGONS! So obviously it’s going to be great. There’s a Lieutenant Obsidian (fantastic name) who has some mysterious magic that he hates, colour me intrigued. And lots of intrigue and excitement before we get our HEA (happy-ever-after), which all makes for a book I know I’m going to love!

Which one do you think sounds like your cup of tea? I’m currently working on a top secret project that’s due to come out this Autumn, and if this blog post hasn’t given you a hint at what that work-in-progress might be then I guess I’ll just tell you now – it’s a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling! So, hopefully my version will join these on your TBR later this year.

I’ll be revealing more about this secret WIP very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more details as I build up to the big reveal in May.

Happy reading!