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The Fair Chronicles

THE FAIR QUEEN is the first in a new trilogy of YA romantic fantasy, with elemental magic, folklore-inspired mythical creatures and a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance.

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The trees in Hartwood forest are hiding an ancient secret, a door into a magical realm where fairy princes and monsters are one and the same.

Seventeen-year-old Aria is bored of her small town and dreams of a life filled with excitement and adventure. She’s about to learn the meaning of “be careful what you wish for”.

After a chilling encounter at the local summer fair, Aria is ripped from her normal life and dragged through the Veil into the Fair Realm by a strange, silver-eyed boy and his band of fairy soldiers.

They believe she is the legendary Fair Queen, the subject of a prophecy that promises to unite the war-ravaged realm and bring an end to the centuries-long conflict between the Five Kingdoms.

But it can’t be true. Can it?

Beset by terrifying creatures at every turn, and hunted by a tyrannical king who will stop at nothing to prevent the prophecy from coming true, Aria will have to rely on her wits if she’s to escape the Fair Realm with her life.

Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, The Fair Chronicles will continue in 2022 with The Solitary King

Coming January 2022

THE SOLITARY KING is the second book in The Fair Chronicles, following both Aria and Xander in the aftermath of book one’s events. From a glittering ball to a royal wedding, and plenty of surprising twists and shocking betrayals along the way, can Aria forgive Xander for his actions in The Fair Queen and stand beside him against the danger that threatens the Fair Realm?

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

When Aria returns to the Fair Realm to attend a ball at the Salamander castle, it isn’t long before things take a turn for the deadly.

With her father’s home in ashes and her newfound family reduced to dust, Aria finds herself King Auberon’s captive once more. Deep within the mountains that border the Celeste Kingdom, Aria is powerless to fight back, her newly-discovered abilities suppressed by the weight of the rock that surrounds her. But when a Celeste guard whispers about rebellion and promises to help her escape, Aria is desperate to trust him.

Crown Prince Xander returns home to the Gnome castle, laden with grief for his brother and father, and dreading the day he will be crowned king. Preparations are underway for his marriage and coronation, but thoughts of the girl he betrayed trouble him day and night. Until the morning of his wedding, when a note arrives that Aria has been taken by Auberon once more, and Xander is forced to choose between his life of duty and obedience, and what he believes is right.

Return to the Fair Realm and lose yourself in book two of The Fair Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Holly Black’s Folk of the Air series.

Want to see my visual inspiration for The Fair Chronicles? Check out my Pinterest storyboard:

Enchanted Anthologies

ENCHANTED WATERS is a collection of YA fantasy short stories from a group of USA Today bestselling, award winning, and up-and-coming authors. Enchanted Waters raised almost $400 for Oceana in its release week, helping to protect the world’s oceans and support fishing communities. Every penny of the profits from the sale of Enchanted Waters will continue to go to this fantastic cause for as long as the book is for sale.

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What really lies beneath the waves?

Dive into our magical collection of short stories written by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and follow the ocean’s call. Meet murderous kelpies, hear the mermaid’s song, find a kidnapped prince, and explore the beautiful underwater kingdoms. Befriend selkie royalty, break fearsome curses, and swoon as you fall in love.

This book is fully illustrated with stunning paintings by Helena Satterthwaite and Elena Shelest.

All profits go to Oceana to support their mission to protect the world’s oceans and promote sustainable fishing.

Stories include:
Daughter of the Selkie King – Lyndsey Hall
Merrily Merrily – Jennifer Kropf
The Kelpie of Loch Linnhe – Alice Ivinya
The Bridge – Ben Lang
Kiss the Frog – Sky Sommers
Sea Ghost of the Isle – N.D.T. Casale
The Naiad’s Curse – Astrid V.J.
The Arctic Mermaid – N.D.T. Casale
Heartless Melody – Alice Ivinya
The Wishing Well – Elena Shelest

Find out more about my short story, Daughter of the Selkie King (a tale from the Fair Realm), on Instagram or Pinterest.

Coming July 2022

ENCHANTED FORESTS is a charity anthology featuring fantasy short stories by USA Today bestselling, award-winning and up-and-coming authors, raising money for forest conservation.

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If you go down to the woods today…
You’d better not go alone…

Discover the secret world between the trees where fairies, unicorns and even monsters dwell. Take a stroll through enchanted woods and dance with pixies and dryads by the light of the stars. Escape Baba Yaga and fall in love with a prince in disguise. Taste the fruit at the goblin market and be whisked away on a magical adventure.

Between ancient trees, find beauty, danger and adventure in these enchanting short stories by award-winning, best-selling, and up-and-coming fantasy authors.

Enchanted Forests is fully illustrated by the talented Elena Shelest.

All profits from this anthology will be donated to charity to support woodland and forest conservation.

Want to see our visual inspiration for the Enchanted Anthologies? Check out our Pinterest storyboards: