Cover reveal | Fair Tales: short stories from the Fair Realm

Hello lovely people, I’ve got a little surprise for you today – I’m revealing the brand new cover of my collection of short stories, Fair Tales!

These stories will be free exclusively to my newsletter subscribers, I’ll be sharing them as and when they’re finished so you’ll be able to collect them all! First up is A Fair Deception, coming 26 June, which was voted for by my subscribers.

Once all five stories are written and edited, the whole collection will also be available to buy from Amazon, but these stories will ALWAYS be free to newsletter subscribers as a huge thank you for supporting me!

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Ready to see the cover and find out more about these stories?

Fair Tales short stories from the Fair Realm

A Fair Deception

A Cinderella-inspired tale of desire and deception set in the Gnome Kingdom.

Spare to the throne, Prince Lonan escapes the tedium of the Gnome Castle to go for a ride through the woods on his trusty steed, River. Whilst out riding and dressed as a commoner, he collides with a mysterious young woman hunting pheasants on the Crown’s land. But neither are quite what they seem…

When worlds collide at the Winter Solstice ball, will the secrets they keep bring them together, or tear them apart?

A Fair Bargain

A tale of revenge and regret, set in the Salamander Kingdom.

When Deirdra discovers her lover’s betrayal at the Summer Solstice festival, she seeks out the help of a dark Solitary creature, rumoured to live deep within the woods.

But can the creature be trusted to keep Deirdra’s dirty secret? Or will the price she is forced to pay for revenge be higher than she ever expected?

A Fair Secret

A tale of desperation with deadly consequences, set in the Celeste Kingdom.

King Rin and Queen Isolt have dreamed for years of a child to love, who will inherit the Celeste throne one day. On the Autumn Equinox, their wish is granted by a hag who promises to deliver a baby to the queen, on the condition that should she ever bear a child of her own, she must hand the infant over to the hag. Desperate with grief, Isolt agrees.

When the child the hag delivers turns out to be difficult and strange, and the queen discovers she is finally carrying a healthy baby, can she discover a way to break the hag’s bargain before it’s too late?

A Fair Vendetta

A Throne of Glass-style assassin story, set in the Sylph Kingdom.

A young Sylph is orphaned at the hands of Celeste guards. Years later, she sets out on a quest for vengeance against those who stole her entire world from her.

As Samhain, and the anniversary of her parents’ death, approaches, she meets her match in a young woman from the wrong side of the Celeste border.

Is her vendetta worth throwing away her one chance at happiness?

A Fair Descent

A sequel to Daughter of the Selkie King, set in the Ondine Kingdom. (SPOILERS FOR DOTSK AHEAD!)

Delta has been living in the Underwater Kingdom ever since that fateful day when she decided to leave her old life on land and join her father, King Malik. But did she make the right choice?

With her father on his deathbed, she must decide whether to accept the selkie crown and cut any remaining ties she has to the world on the surface, or forsake her selkie half and return to her mother and friends in the Ondine Kingdom, never to set foot beneath the waves again.

But before she decides, she’ll have to prove herself in a dangerous ritual on the Spring Equinox, a royal tradition that could risk everything she’s ever loved, both above and below the waves.

I hope you’re as excited for these stories as I am! A Fair Deception will be shared with my newsletter subscribers on 26 June, so if you’re not already subscribed, sign up here.

And the full collection will be available to purchase for 0.99 in 2022!




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