Sneak Peek: Stunning Illustrations for Enchanted Forests

Hi friends! There’s just two weeks until my next charity anthology, Enchanted Forests, is released, and today I want to give you a sneak peek at the absolutely beautiful artwork Elena Shelest has created for our stories. Plus, a little summary of each tale to give you a flavour of the anthology.

Ready to take a look?

Gems of Fae and Foolery by Alice Ivinya

In this fresh take on the Frog Prince fairytale, two female dwarves on the run from an indentured labour camp at the mines become entangled with an arrogant fae lord.

The Lucky Tortoise by Ben Lang

A fugitive child and his tortoise friend seek refuge in the mangroves.

A prince’s duty is to bring his people luck. Pity this one is more occupied by his giant tortoise.

Feather Green by Jennifer Kropf

When Estheryn overhears the royal family’s secrets, it’s her father who pays the price, resulting in a careless murder that propels her to do the unthinkable: disobey the direct order of the Prince of Persianna and enter the forest.

Apple and the Dead Forest by Xander Cross

In a desolate post-apocalyptic world riven by famine, three children make a journey for seeds defended by a dragon.

To Snare a Prince by Sky Sommers

What do you do when a six-headed dragon complains of indigestion after it’s just gobbled up a dark elf? Easy, you tell him to wait in line and go consult your Granny’s magical books.

Blood of the Unicorn by N.D.T. Casale

A wicked queen’s desire for blood from the hearts of unicorns, sends a princess through a divided forest into the shadows of death.

Dimension of the Sasquatch by Donna White

A lot has happened to the curator of a supernatural treasure trove since she discovered that she can walk through different dimensions, now she’s traveling with Bigfoot.

The Fern Flower by Elena Shelest

On the night when the legendary fern flower appears in the forest, will Miray and Savko find their true path?

Willow Daughter by Astrid V.J.

In this retelling of Erutan’s Celtic song, The Willow Maid, a woodcutter follows a song into the forbidden depths of the forest and finds himself tangled in a deadly conflict between the Willow Daughter and the Forest Father.

One Fair Eve by Lyndsey Hall (that’s me!)

Pip’s desire to escape his impoverished mining town and play piano in the world’s most prestigious concert halls leads to a bargain that could spell his doom. Are three years of fame and fortune worth the price he’ll pay – an eternity as the Goblin King?

And there you have it! If those brief blurbs and the stunning artwork haven’t sold you on Enchanted Forests, then nothing will! Except, maybe, the fact that we’re donating all profits to the Rainforest Foundation to support their work preventing deforestation and working with indigenous communities who rely on the forests for income and resources.

We’ve smashed our preorder goal (and honestly any expectation we ever had is on the floor in tatters, and we couldn’t be prouder!) but we’d still love to raise even more money for this incredible organisation. So if you can spare $2.99 and you love folklore and fairytale inspired fantasy stories, then you can still preorder Enchanted Forests here:

Or, you can wait until release day, 1 July, and buy the beautiful paperback!

And get ready for an exciting announcement next week about our next project…



How you can protect the environment by reading more books

June 5 is World Environment Day, and I’m here to tell you how you can help us save the world, one book at a time.

TL;DR Buy charity anthologies and get some fantastic short stories in exchange for a donation to an environmental charity.

Protect the Oceans

Enchanted Waters is a collection of ten short fantasy stories featuring water magic and piscine mythical creatures, from kelpies, ashrays and mermaids to selkies, naiads and even snow pirates. All profits from the sale of Enchanted Waters go to Oceana to support their mission of cleaning up the world’s oceans, promoting sustainable fishing and protecting sealife and coastal communities. Since release, we have raised over $600 for Oceana and hope to continue donating as much as possible to this worthy cause.

Read the full blurb and get your copy on Amazon.

Protect the Rainforests

Enchanted Forests features ten brand-new fantasy stories by the bestselling, award-winning and up-and-coming authors behind Enchanted Waters. Featuring magical woodlands, mystical forests and a whole host of fantastic beasts, these stories can all be read as standalone, although some may feature characters you’ll know from Enchanted Waters or the authors other works. All profits from the sale of Enchanted Forests will go to the Rainforest Foundation, furthering their work to protect the rainforests, support indigenous communities who rely on the forests for resources and income, and reducing deforestation.

Read the full blurb and preorder your copy on Amazon.

Our third anthology, coming June 2023, will be titled Enchanted Flames, and all profits will go to a charity working to help communities prone to wildfires. Keep an eye out as preorders will open very soon!

Thank you for your support, happy reading!