Podcasts for writers and readers

Hi friends! Well, I’m back with some more podcast recommendations, because I can’t not listen to podcasts all day, every day.

On a side note, if you’re a big podcast fan too, and you enjoy true crime, audio books and dark young adult stories, then you definitely need to listen to Sadie by Courtney Summers! It’s a bestselling novel that follows dual POVs – Sadie’s POV, as well as a podcast host who is investigating a missing person case for a podcast called The Girls. It’s incredible. Head to Audible (or your fave audio book provider) and download it right now! Or read my review to see if it’s your cup of tea.

OK, back to the actual real life podcasts. Here we go…

The Author Accountability Podcast

Hosted by Donna and Rhianne, The Author Accountability podcast is a writing craft resource that all writers and authors should know about.

With episodes discussing everything from word counts and writing software, to author interviews highlighting the various journeys writers take towards publication, and beyond, there’s something for every stage of the writer’s life.

Back in January 2021, I recorded an episode with Rhianne as a guest co-host while Donna was on maternity leave. We chatted about our current WIPs, what we were reading and watching at the time, and how we come up with our character names. And then in July 2021, I recorded another episode with Rhianne, this time being interviewed as an author!

Listen to my guest co-host episode here!

Listen to my author interview episode here!

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Unstoppable Authors

Every week, Angeline, Holly and Julia share their wealth of knowledge and experience on all things writing and publishing.

With over 100 episodes of insightful chats and interviews with some of your fave indie authors, there’s plenty of excellent content for you to binge on your daily walk or while you do the dishes (or is that just me?).

In August, I joined Julia to talk about my experience of collaborating with other indie authors on anthologies. Have a listen if you’re interested in working with your fellow authors and wondered how to get involved.

Listen to my episode here!

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Through the Portal podcast

Through the Portal is a book club style podcast focusing on second world fantasy and sci fi, hosted by Chi Obasi and Alyssa Markins. Each month, they read a different book and interview the author, with a special section at the end for spoilers for those who’ve already read it. Then a second episode is released with the hosts chatting about the book and answering listener questions. It’s a really great way to have a deeper discussion about a book you’ve read and enjoyed with other readers, without having to leave your home!

Last month, I recorded an episode with Chi and Alyssa about my debut novel, The Fair Queen. It was so much fun to discuss the story in depth and share some sneak peeks about book two, as well as sharing behind the scenes info from my edits, such as how the story changed from the first draft to the published version.

Listen to my episode here!

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The Writing Sparrow

Sarina interviews a different author each week and shares their insights on everything from writing and publishing to marketing for indie authors. Ever wondered how you could use TikTok to market your books? There’s an episode for that. Dreaming of writing a ten book series? There’s also an episode for that!

I’ll be recording an episode on marketing for indie authors with Sarina soon, so keep your eyes peeled for my episode going live!

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88 Cups of Tea

And finally, if you’re a writer or reader who loves podcasts and you haven’t come across 88 Cups of Tea yet, then you must have been living under a troll bridge.

More than just a collection of incredible interviews with your favourite traditionally published authors and storytellers from the TV and big screen, 88Cups has become a huge community of incredible, like-minded readers and writers who love to hear and share great stories.

The top most downloaded episodes include Sarah J. Maas, Victoria Schwab and Samantha Shannon, plus there’s interviews with Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Stephanie Garber, Tomi Adeyemi, Roshani Chokshi… the list goes on. And there are tons of interviews with literary agents who share their #MSWL (that’s manuscript wishlist to you and me) so you can brush up your query letter game and make sure you’re targeting the right agents.

Not only that, but the amazing host, Yin Chang, and her girlfriend Moonlynn Tsai, who is a chef, decided to start a charitable initiative to combat the rising xenophobia against the Asian community as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic by delivering free, culturally-thoughtful meals to those in need in their hometown of NYC. Heart of Dinner is an incredibly beautiful movement and something we should all be supporting and emulating in our own communities right now.

I hope you picked up a couple of new podcast recommendations and enjoyed listening to me chatting to some of the hosts about The Fair Queen and my writing journey.

Happy listening!



The one writing podcast you need

I’ve been a podcast addict for a few years now. If you’re sceptical, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I don’t particularly like listening to the radio because I just want to hear my favourite songs, I don’t need all the inane chatter – so when it came to podcasts, I assumed that’s all it would be. That, or dry topics like politics. Nothing that would interest a creative type like me. *flicks hair*

Reader, I was so wrong.

A brief history of my love for podcasts

The first podcast I ever listened to, and still my number one, is My Favorite Murder. If you’re into true crime, with a side of humour and heartwarming honesty, you should definitely give it a listen. It was recommended to me by a friend and after just a few episodes I was hooked. The hosts are incredibly open and honest about their past struggles with addiction, mental health problems, and their advocacy for therapy as self care. They’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes like End the Backlog and helped raise awareness of some really important issues, with their signature mix of humour and heart. I’ve been to see Karen and Georgia live twice now and am the proud owner of a “Here’s the thing” mug and t shirt. (SSDGM to any fellow Murderinos out there.)

The next podcast I came across was the aptly named My Dad Wrote a Porno. I think it was Samantha Shannon on Twitter that first introduced me to this one, and when I saw several other well-known authors tweeting about it I knew I had to check it out. Essentially, Jamie’s dad writes erotic adult novels under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone (they’re real, you can buy the ebooks), and his son reads them aloud on air, a chapter at a time, while his two friends and co-hosts poke fun at the cringe-worthy writing. It’s hilarious and a great lesson in how not to write, but as the presenter is the author’s son, it’s all in the name of good fun.

Since then, I’ve discovered lots of other favourite podcasts from recommendations by friends and people I follow online, including:

  • Crime Junkie – straight up true crime covering cold cases and under-reported crimes, plus its spin-offs Red Ball and Full Body Chills
  • The Murder Squad – crowd sourced investigations, helping give John & Jane Doe’s their names back and solving cold cases through web sleuthing
  • Happy Place – mental wellbeing and self care chats with Fearne Cotton and other famous folk
  • Ctrl Alt Delete – conversations about careers, business and growing up online with the “internet generation”
  • Is this Working? – a look at the modern day world of work and how it has changed, and how we can make it work for us

But the real reason why I’m shouting in your face about podcasts today is this…

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88 Cups of Tea

Never heard of the 88 Cups of Tea podcast? If you’re a storyteller of any kind, you need to rectify that immediately.

88 Cups of Tea is hosted by Yin Chang, an actress and writer from the US, who interviews authors, screenwriters, agents and other figures from the publishing and entertainment industries. If you have a favourite author, particularly within the YA category, then they almost definitely have an episode of 88CupsOfTea.

All the greats have been on it, including Victoria Schwab (her episode is an absolute must-listen, whether you’ve read her books or not), Holly Black, Sarah J. Maas, Holly Bourne, Elizabeth Gilbert, Cassie Clare, Renee Ahdieh, Marissa Meyer, Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah Dessen, Susan Dennard, E. Lockhart, Angie Thomas, Beth Revis, Marie Lu, Sabaa Tahir, Samantha Shannon, Maureen Johnson, Tamora Pierce. NEED I GO ON???

With over 130 episodes, a fair few of which are with literary agents and industry insiders, there’s definitely something for everyone, even if you can’t commit to listening to every single one. (I still haven’t listened to even half yet!)

The beauty of 88Cups is that it doesn’t matter what genre you read, or write, or whether you’ve even heard of some of the authors interviewed, they all have something to say that you will benefit from hearing. I can’t emphasise this enough, you will learn something and take away some little – or large – nugget of information, inspiration or motivation from each and every episode.

Yin has a way of making you feel like you’re listening to two old friends chatting, and she isn’t afraid to ask the big questions. You’ll hear about the guest’s childhood and upbringing, how they fell in love with books and started writing, what challenges they faced in making time for their writing around work or kids, or the years they spent in the query and submission trenches, and how they got their “big break”.

Ultimately, you’ll realise with every episode that you are not alone. Choosing to live a creative life and making a living from our art isn’t ever the easy option, but the passion we have for what we create makes it worthwhile. If you need a hit of inspiration, or a little reassurance that your art is valuable, or even a kick up the backside to pursue your passion, then just listen to an episode of 88Cups and you’ll soon be back at your keyboard, with a cup of tea in your hand and a fire in your belly.