Last call for Enchanted Flames ARCs!

Hey friends, there’s less than a month until Enchanted Flames is out in the world! We’re so excited to share this awesome collection of fire fantasy stories with you all.

The ARC sign up sheet is still open for applications, so if you enjoyed our past collections, Enchanted Waters and Enchanted Forests, or you’d just really love to read an early review copy of ten fire-magic and mythical creature focused fantasy stories, then click the cover below to apply!

My story is called The Wyvern and the Woodwitch, and follows an apothecary in the Salamander Kingdom (part of my Fair Realm world) as she tries to find the cure to a deadly sickness that has spread across the realm and infected the young Prince. With the help of a curious wyvern, she journeys into the heart of the mountains to find the rare plant she needs to create the cure, but when she crosses paths with an arrogant woodcutter, can she complete her task without getting her fingers burned-or her heart broken?

If you’re not already a member of our fan group on Facebook, come and join us for all the latest behind the scenes info on our stories, and updates on how much our anthologies have raised for our chosen charities (almost $2,000 so far!).

We can’t wait to share these stories with you on 18 June and donate all profits to the World Land Trust’s Wildfire Appeal!



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