Review: Girls of Might and Magic

GUYS. I had the privilege of reading an ARC of Girls of Might and Magic, a collection of diverse YA fantasy short stories with diverse characters by a group of incredible authors, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

This anthology is a collaboration between members of the Diverse Books with Magic Facebook group, created to highlight diverse and own voices authors, as well as featuring a wide range of diverse characters. The stories include characters from a range of cultures and ethnicities, as well as differently-abled characters. But these difference aren’t the central plot point, these girls are totally badass heroines caught up in magical and fantastical tales that will grab your attention and keep you guessing until the very last page.

Stories in this collection

  1. Heartburn by E. M. Lacey
  2. Wind and Silk by Alice Ivinya
  3. Grace and Ghosts by K. R. S. McEntire
  4. Faith by Sudha Kuruganti
  5. The Outside by C. C. Solomon
  6. Daughter of Soil and Gold by Meghan Rhine
  7. Check Yourself by Kat Zaccard
  8. A Meeting in the Woods by Nicole Givens Kurtz
  9. Pretty Young Things by LaLa Leo
  10. Funnel Cake by Amanda Ross
  11. Outcast by D. L. Howard
  12. Serenity Dawn by C. I. Raiyne
  13. The Cursed Gift by Courtney Dean
  14. Chasing Waves by Kendra Merritt
  15. Sight by Tamika Brown
  16. Memories of Magic by Ashley Ford

I loved this collection of diverse fantasy stories, I’d been admiring the cover for weeks so when the opportunity to read an advance copy came I practically snatched the authors’ hands off!

I really liked the little added touch of the epigraphs to introduce each story, it felt like a tiny insight into the author and the story. Particular favourites were Wind and Silk by Alice Ivinya, a gorgeous tale of strength, love and dragons set in an Imperial China-inspired world. And Grace and Ghosts by K.R.S. McEntire, I loved the twists and turns in this one, especially that final reveal! Full. Body. Chills.

Most of these authors were new to me, but I’ll definitely be reading more from all of them as I enjoyed every story and can’t wait to see what they write next!

This anthology is perfect for fantasy loving teens and adults alike. I definitely recommend it if you love quick, fun reads with big twists.

Happy reading friends!



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