Meet the squad

Hello again! As promised, this time I’m going to introduce you to the characters of my work in progress, The Fair Queen. You can check out the synopsis here.

I should probably warn you now, if you don’t like spoilers you might not want to read on. I’ve tried to keep out anything major but I never know what others might class as a spoiler for my own work.

Our protagonist is the impulsive and slightly reckless Aria Colling, who is about to turn eighteen, but unlike her genius best friend Jasper, she isn’t heading off to University in the Autumn. Instead, she’s looking down the barrel of a pretty dull life in her hometown of Hartwood, working part time at the local library (I know, dream job, right? Not to Aria), and living in her parents’ bungalow.

Jasper Quinn is Aria’s best friend. They’ve known each other practically since birth, live next door, and were inseparable until Jasper’s parents sent him to the local all-boys grammar school at 11. That’s what you get for being smart, I guess. Jasper knows Aria has been in love with him for years, which is why it was so hard to tell her when they were fourteen that he’s gay. Luckily, nothing has damaged their friendship so far, but maybe going off to University and leaving her behind will be the last straw…

‘Xander’ Alexander is the mysterious black-haired and silver-eyed boy who Aria has started seeing everywhere she goes-even in her dreams. He’s the Crown Prince of one of the Five Kingdoms within the Fair Realm. A Gnome with elemental magic, the ability to control earth. He’s been watching Aria and he believes she is the long-lost daughter of the Salamander King, the subject of a twenty year old prophecy, and he wants to take her to the Fair Realm to reunite her with her father. Xander is very noble and loyal, but the strain of so much expectation and pressure does get to him at times.

Bazyl Demitree is the charming, auburn-haired boy who has also had his eye on Aria. He wants to take her to the Fair Realm and hand her over to the evil Celeste King, presumably for a hefty reward. The gang have to stay one step ahead of Demitree and his men or risk losing Aria to the enemy.

Conroy Rainer, or just Rainer, is the oldest and highest ranking-after Xander, of course. He takes on an advisory role, but ultimately bows to his prince’s wishes. Coming from a small Gnome village, Rainer is quite superstitious and believes the prophecy to be genuine. He trains Aria in secret, hoping to help her become the Fair Queen she was always destined to be and bring about the foretold peace.

Coulter Egan is the cheeky chappy whose good looks get him out of trouble every time. Second oldest of the group and in a relationship with Rainer, he keeps an eye out for them while Rainer trains Aria. A skilled archer and hunter, could there be more to Coulter’s abilities than meets the eye?

Kiefer Alexander, younger brother to Xander, is strong-willed and stubborn. Competitive and determined, he loves to challenge Coulter to hunting competitions. He’s a rebel with a heart of gold who wants justice and peace for the Gnome people.

Quade is the youngest of the group. He’s a sensitive soul who’s always getting teased by the others to get a reaction-usually successfully! His short temper often gets him into trouble.

And there you have it in a nutshell! I hope you feel like you know my characters a little better now, and hopefully can’t wait to see them in action.

I know there are a lot of dudes in the inner circle, but there are some kick-ass female characters in there too! Particularly in the sequel, The Solitary King…

Next time, I’ll let you into the Fair Realm and share a little bit about the elemental magic that my Fair characters possess.

See you then!



Current word count: 56,215


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